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The school , with renewed spaces, has one of the most attractive , well planned, spaciously, functionally and pleasing architectural features with different facilities such as 160 smart e-classrooms, 7 computer labs, 5 science labs , 19 Language rooms, Large playground, multipurpose auditorium, 16 activity rooms, 11 teacher’s room, 4 clinics, 2 libraries and 2 audio-visual rooms etc. which helps to create the right environment as well as to improve the quality of education.


School Library

It is the store house of knowledge, which includes senior and junior library, where students can find books on various subjects such as history, geography, environment, political science etc., science journals, biographies, the entire collection of National Geographic magazines, newspapers, periodicals etc. which exhibits positive impact on the academic cultural and social achievement of the student. The books are suggested to cultivate the reading habits, to build his confidence and to promote a knowledge driven community for the future.



The Computer Labs, which includes senior and Junior Labs, consists of 7 Labs, in which computers are available to the students in the ratio 1:1. The computer studies are offered to the students from Grade 3 onwards. Each Lab is well equipped with the upgraded versions of all the software and the latest configuration of systems. Apart from the curriculum the students are given training in the most commonly used software packages, in order to replicate real life 21st century communication skills.

Other Labs

Multipurpose labs which include senior and junior labs are well equipped and can support different disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Engineering Graphics with light weight furnishings and pieces of equipment as per curriculum and class size.

Play Ground

The large shaded playground creates the right environment for the children by giving them the opportunity to play and expend their energy. The extra-curricular activities are planned and organized in this large playground. There are facilities to play football, volleyball, basketball and other games as well.


Prayer Hall

The spacious prayer hall, with a serene atmosphere, provides opportunities for children to fulfill their religious responsibilities. Appreciate with the help of beste live blackjack casinos. The recess time of school is set in accordance with the prayer time.



The clinic rooms are equipped with essential medicines and general hygienic conditions. Registered nurses are present at all times to take care of the health and safety of our children.



School canteen serves healthy food at reasonable costs. Nutritious food that helps cultivate healthy eating habits among children is supplied. A strict standard of hygiene is maintained by the vigilant staff.


School Counselor

The Student Counselor maintains a critical role in providing access to early and ongoing interventions for at-risk students. The Student Counselor collaborates with students, staff, parents, teachers and community to ensure that students receive interventions and resources to support their needs. The Student Counselor’s major roles are – Identification and intervention for SEND students and Gifted and Talented, provide psycho-education for parents and teachers, and also to involve in PDP sessions for the students.



We train boys physically strong, mentally awake and morally upright through Scouts membership. Scouts training are based on character development, health, development of skill and service, leadership and self-reliance. In short it helps the boys to become good citizens. Activities will include weekly meetings, camp, hiking and visits. Training will include areas of First-Aid, Signaling, Cooking and related areas.

Book Store

A spacious book store accessible to all in an integral part of SIS, juwaiza . It supplies every book and stationary item required for students of all classes. Pleasant, helpful staff makes the place all the more appealing.

Audio Visual Room

School has a fully equipped audio visual rooms which simplifies learning through multimedia facilities and co-curricular activities . It is located on the first floor of the school building adjacent to the senior library. It is a spacious room that could accommodate nearly 100 students.