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APRIL  a) 22.04.2022
Hope Club
1.Earth Day Celebration. SAY NO PLASTIC CAMPAIGN (VIII-X)
2.Green volunteer-awarding
 MAY  a) Arabic Club – Welcome to Ramadan : Special Assembly  b) Hope Club– Recycling Campaign –Finals.(PLASTIC BOTTLES, PAPER COLLECTION)  a) 31.05.2022 World No Tobacco Day – Seminar organized by Dept. of Counselling (VI –XII)
 JUNE a) 05.06.2022 Hope Club-World Environment Day Celebration and tin year celebration a) Penalty shootout by Health and Wellness Club a) Quiz competition, Signing the banner by Health and Wellness Club

b) Hope Club – Badging ceremony

Greeting Card Making ( I–V)
Special session for Teachers
Special Assembly (VI – VIII)b)06.09.2022 THURSDAY Quiz Forum – GK Today Quiz (IV-XII)
 a)09.09.2022 SUNDAY

  •  Food Club COCINA
    1. Various other details are usually at bestes live casino. “Save a meal” Charity programme
    2. Cookery competition for Teachers

b)10.09.2022 MONDAY

  • Media Club
    1.PPT (IX and X)
    2.Chart making competition (VII and VIII)
  • Dept. of Counselling – World Suicide Prevention Day (VIII – XII)
  • Music Club – Singer of the Year – IX to XII

c) 12.09.2022 WEDNESDAY

  • French Club – Quiz (IX)
  • Heritage Club – (I,II,III)
    1. Collection of UAE & Indian National Flower, tree, fruit, animal, flag etc
    2. Posters of UAE & Indian National leaders
    3. Stamps, currencies etc of Year of Zayed
  • Tharbiyah club – Quiz(Islamic New Year)
  • Media Club – Elocution (Digital citizen) XI and XII

c)Hindi Diwas (Special Assembly) by Darpan club (VI-VIII)

 a) 15.09.2022 SATURDAY Interschool Karaoke Music Competitionb)16.09.2022 SUNDAY

  • Hope Club
    International Day for
    Preservation of
    Ozone Layer – Awareness
    Class (VIII)
  • Science Club – Ozone Day awareness program(VI-XII)

c) 16.09.2022 to 20.09.2022 Fitness week by Health and Wellness Club (I – V)

d)17.09.2022 MONDAY Media Club – PIXELEX Photography Exhibition (VII – XII)

e)20.09.2022 THURSDAY Heritage Club
1. Poster of 7 emirates leaders
2. Stamp collection
3. Year of Zayed pictures and PPT(IV-VI)

 a)Science Club – Safety week(I-V)b)23.09.2022 SUNDAY Commerce Club : Tele-marketing/Ad mad competition debate (XI,XII)

c)24.09.2022 MONDAY Maths Club – Quiz (All grades)

d)26.09.2022 WEDNESDAY Arabic Club – Photo collection of Sheik Zayed (IV – X)

e)27.09.2022 THURSDAY Hope Club– Organic Garden Preparation (VIII)

f)29.09.2022 SATURDAY World Heart Day – Health and Wellness Club “Stay healthy and Fit” Walkathon

 OCTOBER a) 02.10.2022 TUESDAY Hope Club– clean-up campaign

b) 7.10.2022 SUNDAY – Aerobic and Yoga session by Health and Wellness Club

 a)10.10.2022 WEDNESDAY-

  • Heritage club(VII,VIII,IX)
    1.Latest discoveries innovations
    2. Models of Egyptian pyramids, Tableau
    3. Models of flora and fauna of any continent
  • Dept. of Counselling – World Mental Health Day (I –XII)

b) 14.10.2022 SUNDAY Music Club
1.Expressions – Express the talent (I-XII)
2.Karaoke singing V&VI

c) 15.10.2022 MONDAY
Maths Club – Model making (IV-X)

d) 16.10.2022 TUESDAY Food Club COCINA– 1. ‘Display of healthy food tips’ (I – XII)

2. Sandwich/Fruit Salad making competition (V – VIII)

 a)17.10.2022 WEDNESDAY Arabic Club – Year of Zayed Elocution Competition (XI,XII)b) 20.10.2022 SATURDAY SCHOOL EXHIBITION

c)21.10.2022 to 23.10.2022 Malayalam Club – Poem recitation (II – V, IX, X)

d)22.10.2022 MONDAY Hope Club – Seed fest.

e) 23.10.2022 TUESDAY Commerce Club
1. Visit to Business organizations and Financial institutions (XI,XII)
2. Organizing a Day for Older persons (All classes)

a)Green Olympiad (I-V) by Science Club

c)31.10.2022 WEDNESDAY
Grade I – Food Day Celebration

d) 29.10.2022 MONDAY
Grade II & III – Story telling

 NOVEMBER  a)01.11.2022 THURSDAY Kerala Piravi

  1. Celebration by Malayalam Club, Music Club

b)04.11.2022,05.11.2022 – Fitness Challenge by Health and Wellness Club (XI,XII)

c)07.11.2022 French Club – Just A Minute (IX)

 a)11.11.2022 SUNDAY
Tharbiyah Club1.Elocution (VI,VII)
2.Story telling(IX-XII)
Dept. of Counselling – Career Guidance Programmeb)12.11.2022 MONDAY Media Club – Tell a Story (VI – VIII)c)13.11.2022 TUEDAY – Quiz forum – GK Today Quiz (IV-XII)d)14.11.2022 WEDNESDAY Children’s Day Celebratione) 14.11.2022 WEDNESDAY Food Club COCINA– BMI and Medical checkup (I–X)
 a) 18.11.2022 SUNDAY– Health and Wellness Club – Nutrition/ Dietician session(VI – XII)

b) 20.11.2022 TUESDAY- Malayalam Club – Story writing (IX)

c)22.11.2022 THURSDAY Fancy Dress Competition by Darpan club (I-III)

d)22.11.2022 THURSDAY – Maths Club

  1. PPT making (VII – XII)
  2. Chart Making (IV – VI)
 a) Music Club – UAE Flag Day(V-XII)

b) Science Olympiad, Field trip by Science Club

c)25.11.2022 SUNDAY – Dept. of Counselling – “Old is gold” World Geriatric Day Programme (I – XII)

d) 27.11.2022 TUESDAY – Commerce club (XI,XII) Accounting Day / Entrepreneurship Day –

  1. Chat with an Entrepreneur
  2. Business Quiz
  3. PPT Competition
 DECEMBER  a)03.12.2022 MONDAY – Dept. of Counselling “Outreach programme” World Day of Handicapped V – VIII)

b)04.12.2022 TUESDAY Media Club – “Film Making Competition” (VII – XII)

c) 05.12.2022 WEDNESDAY

  • Food Club COCINA – Session with a nutrition (VI–VIII)
  • Science club – Recycle run away, Emax big idea competition (VI –XII)
 a) 11.12.2022 TUESDAY Arabic Club – International Arabic Day (IV – XII)

b) 12.12.2022 WEDNESDAY Hope Club-(National Energy Conservation Day) Activity (VI – VIII)

c)13.12.2022 THURSDAY Annual Sports Day

 —  —
 JANUARY  a) 05.01.2022 SATURDAY Hope Club – Hope day

b)06.01.2022 SUNDAY Quiz forum – GK Today Quiz (IV-XII)

c)10.01.2022 THURSDAY Music Club – Karaoke Singing IV,V

 a)15.01.2022 TUESDAY – Tharbiyah Club Quran recitation competition (I-V,VI-VIII,IX-XII)

b) 16.01.2022 WEDNESDAY – Poem Recitation by Darpan club (IV-V)

 a)21.01.2022 MONDAY Food Club COCINA – Healthy recipe competition with demonstration (IV,V)  a) 29.01.2022 TUESDAY Art club – Reusable canvas painting
 FEBRUARY a)05.02.2022 TUESDAY – Music Club – Singing Competition I to III

b)06.02.2022 WEDNESDAY Quiz forum – GK Today Quiz (IV-XII)

 a) Hope Club-SSA, EES Award preparation.(Feb, 2022)

b)11.02.2022 MONDAY – Tharbiyah Club – Project making, Chart making