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Your credit track record try details about any funding you have got.

Your credit track record try details about any funding you have got.


Your credit history was the informatioin needed for any debts you’ve. It discusses money for instance mortgage loans, cards, overdrafts, hire purchase paperwork and personal deal projects.

Your credit score consists of facts for instance the degree the loan, the great level and any missed charges. This info was placed in a credit review.

Credit history are offered for lenders (like loan providers and loan unions) to talk if they are thinking about programs for financing. The goal of the machine would be to allow creditors to assess the power of customers to settle debts.

You may also request yours credit file – find out ‘Your report’ under.

In Ireland, you will find 2 directories that collect facts about loans. Normally:

  • Core Debt Register
    • Banks, loans unions as well as other lenders will be required by-law to send facts about financial loans toward the Central loan Register, which happens to be managed through fundamental Bank of Ireland. Also essental to legislation to consult the Register before approving a home loan.
  • Irish Credit Score Rating Bureau’s (ICB) databases
    • Lenders might want to send out information regarding consumers to databases handled by a credit score rating mention institution, for example Irish account agency (ICB).

The main Credit record and so the ICB usually do not choose regardless if you obtain a home loan. Loan providers operate the credit history to evaluate the loan tool before carefully deciding. They could furthermore contemplate your income and outgoings, instance book and resources. Various loan providers have different criteria for approving personal loans.

On 18 March 2020, the 5 shopping creditors (AIB, Bank of Ireland, KBC, consistent tsb and Ulster Bank), along with their consultant system the deposit & repayments Federation Ireland (BPFI), launched a series of actions to aid individuals and corporations influenced by COVID-19. The measures bundled non-bank lenders and credit-servicing businesses.

In the methods, doing 30 Sep 2020, creditors could grant a repayment rest all the way to half a year for people and private consumers. If you agreed to a COVID-19 payment break with your lender:

  • The pay bust would not be a ‘missed repayment’ on the credit history
  • Your credit score would not be affected

Precisely why your credit score is extremely crucial

During the time you sign up for financing or additional version of credit, such as a bank card, over-limit, HP or individual get plan (PCP), the financial institution has to determine whether or not to give to you personally.

The content on your own credit profile enables you to decide:

  • Whether or not to provide for you
  • What amount of to help you to acquire
  • How much cash focus to ask you for

Under EU guidelines, loan providers must examine your very own creditworthiness before agreeing to provide you with a loan. Creditworthiness means your ability to repay the borrowed funds. This review needs to be while using records a person give in your application for the loan, and on the content in your credit report.

Records in your credit history may indicate that loan providers could establish to not bring to you personally, although you may get the profit to settle the borrowed funds. They might reject the loan when they feel they could be getting a very high hazard in financing for your needs.

Look at your own credit profile

Should you be seeking an overdraft, loan, debit card and other kind of money, truly smart to look at the credit profile before you decide to pertain. It can help your place any forgotten transaction you probably did maybe not acknowledge comprise overlooked, or failure in the credit file.

Even more important, there are incorrect data repaired. You also have the authority to add an announcement towards your credit history to spell out any particular circumstance – view ‘Rules’ under.

What the results are should you be rejected loans?

If you’re rejected financing as a result of expertise inside your credit profile, the lender must quickly reveal this and provide you with details of the database put.

This is applicable to individual consumer credit paperwork for amount between €200 and €75,000. It doesn’t apply to mortgage loans.

Credit ranking sources

The core loan record and the ICB website keep close all about your credit track record, but there are some differences between them.

For even more information on the kinds of funding included in every, discover ‘Information conducted from the listings’ in counter below.

Fundamental Loans Subscribe

  • The fundamental loan subscribe is definitely managed by way of the core financial of Ireland.
  • Legally, lenders must upload information about your funding into main loan subscribe. The agree is not required.
  • Since 2018, it really is required for loan providers evaluate your credit report through the main assets record if they are looking at a loan application of €2,000 or even more.
  • Creditors have access to your credit report when you yourself have requested loans under €2,000 or sent an email to request a re-structure of a preexisting finance. They may likewise can get on if discover debt on an existing financing or a breach of a limit on credit cards or overdraft.
  • Info is placed for 5 years after the finance continues paid.

Exactly why was the Central debt enter set-up?

The middle account Register was arranged build deeper monetary security by:

  • Offering applicants with folks credit history outlining their unique finance
  • Offering loan providers with comprehensive know-how to evaluate applications
  • Supplying the middle lender with much better information into national trends around financing

Find out more on centralcreditregister.ie. The financial and transaction Federation Ireland (BPFI) posses a Q&A from the main loan subscribe (pdf).

ICB database

  • The ICB was an exclusive organization, held and supported by their customers (for instance banks, loans unions and local government).
  • Each time you make an application for a home loan from an ICB user, they may use your credit report.
  • You’re need to consent your money data are added to the ICB database ( this is inside finance accord).
  • The financial institution can consult the ICB for a credit history or credit best car title loans AR ranking, and that’s measured based on your credit score. Your own credit history suggests whether your assets repayment tape is useful or bad.
  • The database provides actually existed for a longer time in comparison to fundamental loans enter thus the data get back a bit longer.
  • The ICB’s data are only going to put information regarding we for people with received an energetic debt in earlier times 5 years assuming their bank has furnished records toward the ICB.


Know-how conducted about directories

Precisely what lending products come?

Since Summer 2017:

  • Cards
  • Residential Loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Unsecured loans
  • Nearby council funding
  • Moneylender money

Since 21 January 2019:

  • Business loans such financial products to organizations, partnerships, organizations and connections

What lending products are certainly not incorporated?

The following data is certainly not included of the fundamental credit score rating sign-up or even the ICB’s collection: